Mission Statement

Here at Tumbleweed Manufacturing we have been working with metal since 1975. Starting out in the auto body repair and painting business, it has been an interesting journey that has led many different directions. As an end result, I have come to love metal and working with it. We have created many new and different items, tools, and techniques. With my background in the auto body business, I have acquired the patience needed to carry out many tasks with the attention to detail that makes all of our products stand above the others. Each piece is individually hand crafted, fitted , and inspected prior to delivery. Nowadays, in this disposable world in which we live, it has become increasingly difficult to find a product (no matter what it may be) that will withstand the test of time. This has become the basis for our company. When you purchase something from Tumbleweed Manufacturing, or enlist our services to create something special for your needs, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality product available that will last for generations to come. The materials and workmanship is uncompromised and you will never receive generic, mass produced, or inferior products. When we set out to build something, it will be built right!

Sincerely, T.J. Marnell Tumbleweed Manufacturing

If you can dream it we can build it!
Awesome Stuff. PERIOD.