Headache Racks

Custom Built to Your Specifications

Pick one of the 3x base styles we offer (Outlaw Rack, Eldorado Rack, or our Work Series Rack), then add the options you want. Round Top Corners, LED or Incandescent lights, Pipe Rails, whatever you need. We meticulously craft the round top corners on all our racks, so they are never distorted or warped. Because a craftsman is only as good as his details.
**Most Headache Rack options are available on all models**

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Headache Rack - Outlaw Edition Headache Rack - Eldorado Edition Headache Rack - Work Series Budget Edition

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Digital Headache Rack Idea Book! Print-able Headache Rack Idea Book!
Headache Rack Wiring Diagram & Instructions!

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Outlaw Headache Rack

Our latest creation has been getting a lot of attention! Super bright, high output LED Light-bar option, and built out of 3" steel square tubing. They turn heads. We've even heard "HEY NICE RACK!" across parking lots and red-lights. Be the first on the block to own one of these bad boys. (Or should I say gorgeous girls?)
**Just look at those B-E-A-U-TIFUL perfectly rounded corners!**

Work Series Headache Rack

Our basic Headache Rack has no lights, dog ears, full width 3 pipe design, full length or shortened angle iron bed rails, and no tie downs.

Work Series Headache Rack - Tumbleweed MFG

Round Top Corners

For Looks

Rounded edge contours to the truck cab and keeps a low profile. Excellent for height clearance issues. Including parking in your garage.

Headache Rack - Round Top Corners - Tumbleweed MFG

Dog Ears

For Work

Great for the work truck. You can use them to tie 2x4’s, pipe, fencing, ladders, or just about anything else, and not need a trailer when you use one of our Hitchin’ Rack’s.
*we recommend a Hitchin’ Rack to compliment Dog Ear style headache racks.

Headache Rack - Dog Ears - Tumbleweed MFG

Incandescent Lights

Much Brighter Than Your Cargo Light

The standard in lighting, these are the normal incandescent bulbs that you see most often on trailers. We provide 4 lights that tie into your truck’s existing wiring harness. The red ones act as extra brake lights, and also work with your turn signals to signal your upcoming turns. Excellent if your trailer lights go out and you don’t know it. We also mount 2 clear lights inside of the red ones that assist in backing up. Don’t run into your trailer in the dark anymore. We can also wire them into a toggle switch so you can flip them on and off on the fly. Loading in low light isn’t a problem anymore.

Headache Rack - Incandescent Lights - Tumbleweed MFG

LED Lights

Superior Brightness & More Affordable

LED’s have come a long way in recent years, they are now brighter than ever and much more affordable than in the past.

Headache Rack - LED Lights - Tumbleweed MFG

Shadow Box

Use Your Cargo Light

A strategic cut in the header of the rack to allow your pickup’s standard cargo light to shine through.

Headache Rack - Shadow Box - Tumbleweed MFG

Open Center

Access Port

Allows easy bed access from the cab for pickups equipped with a sliding back glass. Also looks good on any pickup.

Headache Rack - Open Center - Tumbleweed MFG


2" Flat Strap

Designed to provide shade on your back glass and heavy duty enough to provide ample protection. Available in full width or open center.

Headache Rack - Louvers - Tumbleweed MFG

Grab Handles

Utility Loading

Assist in getting in and out of your bed and provides extra places to place straps to secure items in the back of your truck.

Headache Rack - Grab Handles - Tumbleweed MFG

Pipe Bed Rails

Work Hard, Look Good

Sliding big things in and out of your bed, or need to look extra sharp? We can build pipe rails full length, or fabricate them to work with your existing toolbox.

Headache Rack - Pipe Bed Rails - Tumbleweed MFG

Swivel Tie Downs

Secure Your Load

These handy tie downs are a Tumbleweed exlusive. We recommend 6x but can can weld on as few or as many as you want, wherever you want them.

Headache Rack - Swivel Tie Downs - Tumbleweed MFG

Full Width Brow

El Dorado Edition

Covers the top and sides of your rack with 18 ga. flat steel or treadplate for added looks.

Eldorado Edition Headache Rack - Full Width Brow - Tumbleweed MFG

Silhouette Cut

Image Branding

We can CNC Plasma-cut your logo, brand, or anything else to go in the middle of your rack.

Headache Rack - Silhouette cut - Tumbleweed MFG

Expanded Metal

Affordable Glass Protection

Offers high coverage, and more affordable than louvers.
*Securing loads to the expanded metal itself is not recommended

Headache Rack - Expanded Metal - Tumbleweed MFG

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Eldorado Edition Headache Rack - Tumbleweed MFG Eldorado Edition Headache Rack (side view) - Tumbleweed MFG Contractor Headache Rack - Tumbleweed MFG Contractor Headache Rack - Tumbleweed MFG